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Recomendation N.º1/SO/2010
Recomendation N.º2/SO/2010
Recomendation N.º3/SO/2010
Recomendation N.º4/SO/2011
Recomendation N.º5/SO/2011
Recomendation N.º6/SO/2011
Recomendation N.º7/SO/2011
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Regulation for the University of Madeira´s Student’s Ombudsman

Article 4

1. The Ombudsman may carry out the following means of actuation within the Academic Community:

a. consultancy and evaluation;
b. information and cooperation requests;
c. mediation and conciliation;
d. investigation and determining of complaints;
e. recomendations:
    i. As the Ombudsman's recommendations do not modify, rescind or nullify administrative acts or resolutions; 
    ii. As the Ombudsman's recommendations must be studied by the competent instances of the University, as they Which must respond to a period not exceeding 15 days.

2. While carrying out her/his duties, the Ombudsman will observe all the guarantees legally foreseen for administrative procedures.