Entrada Student's Ombudsman Legal framework

Legal framework

The Student Ombudsman - The LSHEI - The Statutes of the University of Madeira

Legal System of Higher Education Institutions (RJIES)
Law No. 62/2007 of September 10th

Article 25
Student's Ombudsman

In each institution of higher education are set out the basis set in its statutes for a Student´s Ombudsman, whose action is developed in conjunction with students organizations, agencies and departments, particularly the pedagogical councils, as well as their units.

Statutes of the University of Madeira
MESc - Office of the Secretary of State of High Education
Normative Order No. 14/2015

Student's Ombudsman

Article 60
Appointment and powers

1 - The Student's Ombudsman is a person of recognized standing with relevant knowledge and experience in the area of Education and Human Relations, appointed by the General Council for periods of two years, after having been heard the Senate.
2 - It has the responsibility to defend and promote the legitimate rights and interests of students within the University, looking over the complaints submitted to it and driving to the competent organs of the recommendations that deems appropriate.
3- Its activity is developed in conjunction with the Students Association, with the organizational units and the governing bodies and services of the University, particularly the Pedagogical Council.